What does EuRaLex.Net offer?

EuRaLex.Net Service

As a European association of middlesized law firms EuRaLex.Net is specialized on attending and advising commercial clients in different areas of law.

To offer the broadest possible range and the highest quality of services it is necessary to diversify all available resources. With EuRaLex.Net it is possible to attend to special cases inside our network.

As a member of EuRaLex.Net we are able to determine which of the affiliated attorneys or law firms to consult should specialized questions appear. Of course the client stays with his formerly chosen attorney in this case.

Through EuRaLex.Net we can attend to many court districts in Germany and in Europe without having to rely on procurators. In many cases this saves travelling expenditures and also has the distinctive advantage of being able to assign a local attorney.

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